Monday, 18 July 2011

Yoga Practices

Yoga comes from a Hindi word which means a way of life used to attain spiritual insight and harmony. Yoga is a form of exercise which stretches the body owing to innumerable posses. For some peoples yoga is a religion that they must follow.

There are many Yoga institutions which all have there own practices. Below are some most common yoga practices.

  • One of yoga practice is called "Hatha" which is the most well loved variety of yoga. It perfects the mind by way of perfecting the body. 
  • Another type of yoga is called "Mantra" which focused on calming the mind and body owing the usage of words and sounds.
  • Third type of yoga is called "Kundalini" which is most easily compared to life energy that lies dormant in our bodies and it is frequently represented by coiled snake.
  • "Ashtanga" is another type of yoga. It can be considered as a type of aerobic yoga for they instill quick and smooth transitions linking poses.
The main goal of yoga is to attainment of liberation from worldly distress and the cycle of birth and death. It consists of paths which is karma yoga, bakti yoga, jnana yoga, hatha yoga, tantra yoga, purna yoga and many more.
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