Sunday, 13 November 2011

How To Keep Clean Your Contact Lenses

Today I was wearing my contact lenses and I thought why should I make a new post on my blog about keeping clean your contact lenses because you may know contact lenses has a direct contact with our eyes, So we must keep it clean in order to stay safe from the problems of "Hygiene" which affects eye health.

Here I'm gonna share some tips to keep it clean.

  • First of all the important thing to know is that do not reuse the lens which nurse liquid and use lens nursing products in accordance with doctor recommendation.
  • Use mild soap to wash your hand before handling contact lenses. 
  • Hairspray damages the lenses so do not use hairspray while wearing contact lenses. Always remove the contact lenses before applying or removing cosmetics.
  • Replace your container box after every 3 months. Clean your container box with a sterile contact lens cleaning solution.
  • Do not use homemade cleaners for cleaning your contact lenses.
These was the tips to keep clean contact lenses. Hope you've got what were you looking for.
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