Thursday, 29 December 2011

8 Great Health Tips For Bloggers

Bloggers are most common culprits who often face the health problems because of their carelessness. This post is for those peoples who sits long hours before computers.

I have seen many peoples who faced health problem and some of them were my own bloggers friends. All you have to do is to take care of yourself, your own health. So below are some great tips to help you to manage your health better and take it care.

  • Most bloggers faces neck pain due to sitting long hour before their computers so you have to take small breaks between and have a short walk too.
  • Do some eye exercise between your work in order to take care your eye health. I have gathered some good tips to take care your eye health in my previous post, So read it on!
  • Most common problem which faced by thousands of bloggers is weight gain an obesity so there's only one solutions for this and it is taking small breaks and short walks between works.
  • While sitting on computer instead of twisting your waist try to move your whole body and keep your knees little.
  • Always use anti glare glasses suggested by some physicians  while sitting before among computers and don't rub your eyes.
  • Give some rest to your body and get enough sleep.
  • You have to control habits of smoking and drinking because most bloggers have the habits of drinking and smoking due to several reasons.
  • Use speakers phones while talking online.
Follow these 8 simple and easy tips to take care of yourself and to manage your health in better position.
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