Thursday, 26 January 2012

7 Basic Tips To Feel Younger and Healthy

All of us wants to feel younger and healthy in our life when we get older. There's nothing we can do to about our chronological age, However doctors and scientist are continuously discovering actions we can take feel younger and turn back the clock of our life.

As years gone, we will become older but, if you want to feel younger and healthy than apply the 7 great tips and begin to feel younger.

  1. If you look at the risk factors for dying, than the one which most predictive is fitness level. So always stay fit and do exercises because an older person with high cardiovascular is healthier than a younger person who is physically inactive.
  2. Vitamin D will nourish your memory, skin, arteries and heart, So get vitamin D daily. It will also reduce cancer.
  3. Always stay in positive mood because it will make your body stay in balance and it will also feel your body 5 years younger.
  4. The key of staying younger and healthy is to keep your intestines healthy and keep bowels daily. Fiber works by keeping all the nutrients you eat is your intestines and releasing them as needed.
  5. Fruits and nuts will make your heart waistline and mind healthy.
  6. Try to stay happy because happy life can make you feel younger.
  7. If you smoke then you are cutting 7 years of your life.
Apply these 7 steps to feel healthy and younger.
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