Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Eating An Apple A Day Can Keep The Doctor Away From You

Studies confirmed and westerners often say that eating an apple a day can really maintain bone density and it is one of the best weight loss fruit. It can resist daily minor illness.

Apple is one of the most inexpensive fruit and it is rich in sugar, vitamins, cellulose, organic acid and nutrients that is why an apple inhibiting the proliferation of cancel cells. Apple contains potent antioxidant flavonoids which is the best vessel cleaning agents and star of cancer.

Apple can reduce the chances of suffering from lung cancer and other probability of cancer. If peoples eat more apple a day than there's more chance for t them to reduce from these type of cancer.

According to the Study of France National Institute of Health Science, Apple Proanthocyanidins can prevent colon cancer.

If women eat more apples than it will help them calcium absorption, utilization, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.Apple can effectively protect heart and brain vessels disease.

So apple is best fruit for everyone to eat specially for patients with Alzhimers and Parkinsons.
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