Friday, 6 May 2011

Eating Variety of Foods

It is very important to eat all kinds of foods because each foods provides specific nutrients that are necessary for better health. For a better health you need to eat a variety of foods that are good for your health.
Eating variety of foods holds the key to live a happy and healthy life. A variety of everything should to be there to make to make it a healthy diet.
Vegetables fruits are most important source of food to eat because vegetables contains Vitamin C and A and fruits contains Vitamin A, C and fiber.

Some Tips to eating:

  • Take breakfast at morning time everyday.
  • Drink water before meals and also trough out the day.
  • boil or bake foods instead of frying.
  • Eat Vegetables with meats.
  • Use stick pots and pans for cooking as they need less and reduce risk of burning.
Eating variety of foods and smart eating is only way to keep good health.
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