Friday, 13 May 2011

Playing Video Games more than an hour a Day make kids Fat

Spending a lot of time playing video games makes kids eat more over the rest of the day. If a boy played video game more than an hour a day then he'll eat more, study suggested.

The normal weight boys ate bigger lunch when they had a pre-meal video game, and they did not make up for extra bites by burning more calories by eating less later in the day or through gaming.

When the boys played video game, they downed 160 calories more on the day, researched by an American Journalist.

According to Chaput, It's not clear why kids eat more during video games day. Chaput is the researcher of the obesity and lifestyle at children's hospital in Ottawa, Canada.

Exactly what that means for video gamers' waistlines is unknown. But the findings add to studies that have linked kids' screen time - from TV and computers - to the odds of being overweight.

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