Friday, 10 February 2012

How To Balance The Risk Of Skin Cancer

If you want to balance the risk of getting skin cancer than you must take some efficient amount of Vitamin D in your daily life.

Sun protection don't allow us to be at risk of deficiency of Vitamin D. It will be formed in the skin when it is exposed to the Ultra Violet rays from sunlight. It is required to the muscles and body strong and healthy and maintain good health.

How To Get Vitamin D:

There are many ways to get Vitamin D and reduce the risk to get skin cancer, below are some basic tips.
  • An 8-ounce glass of milk contains 100 International Unit Standard (IUS) of Vitamin D. So drink one glass of milk every night before sleep.
  • Fish are good source of Vitamin D. Canned Light Tuna fish has 150 International Unit standard (IUS) per 4 ounces. Canned Tuna fish is mostly expensive than fresh fish.
  • Eggs are also rich in Vitamin D, so it is good to eat egg in breakfast and lunch. Do not eat more than 1 egg a day because 1 egg contains 200 Milligrams of cholesterol and you must not consume more than 300 Milligram of cholesterol for heart health.
  • Also don't ignore fruit juice because it also contains Vitamin D in it. Orange juice depends on it's company, so you better check the label before buying.
  • Mushrooms also have the capacity to produce Vitamin D in sunlight. They are mostly grown in the dark places and are free of Vitamins. The Mushrooms that are rich in Vitamin D are available at stores.
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