Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Some Health Tips For Pregnant Women

It brings a lots of difficulties and problems for pregnant women but excitement of getting an angel is far from the problems which pregnant women faces during pregnancy.

At the first three months of pregnancy every pregnant women must take special care of themselves because it is the most crucial time of baby's growth, Health experts said.

Here I'm going to share some great tips which should be followed by every pregnant women if she wants to have a fit and healthy baby.

  • There are many medicines that may harm your baby so during pregnancy you must be careful about the medicines which you're using. If you don't know which medicines is good or no than consult your doctor, Doctor will guide you better in choosing right medicines which is good for you.
  • The pregnant women who use alcohol during pregnancy are at risk of "fetal alcohol syndrome" which makes the baby slow in his growth and also abnormal facial features.
  • You must give the correct temperature to your baby. Try to avoid stream room, spas because these treatments during pregnancy mau harm the developing fetus.
  • Try to avoid hard physical exercises and these can badly affect the development of fetus.
  • If you have tattoos at your body than remove them before get pregnancy or don't remove them until baby comes to the world.
    Follow these tips in order to make a good pregnancy time period.
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